A lot of Anger!!


I ache with this …..
words scream out of my mouth with no meaning
no sounds compare to the things I seem to
I am sorry It is never as mean as It seems to be
although my disparity wilts this rose
unfortunately I can not soak up all the positivity
that sways my way
….This is not me … anger does not fill these
young veins…
Hatred should not live in my bewildered heart..
Never should I have endured this pitiful feeling
…This feeling that holds me back so much….
with wild acts of my virtue I open my arms
because no one knows the truth …..
so let me show you me!!!!!
I sing because I love to …. I write because it is
my passion
I love too easy and I forgive others before I
forgive myself…
I hate not knowing what the future brings yet it
spikes my curiosity ….
I get shy but never for too long … I want others
to feel my difference
I seek the diversity in life and I embrace all that
meets my face..
I am sorry those of you who do not know
me …but
life never ends and there is plenty of time for all
too see the reality of it all….
Let me smile for every reason and not just one
Let me speak with out hesitation in my voice
Let me be who I am without judgment of our
cruel society.
Let me yell out loud and have all join me because
we are all one…..
So put this past behind and look forward to what
tomorrow has to offer…



Sometimes it’s so hard not to worry. We are even tempted to say life is unfair as much as we know from deep within its not.  You may have done everything under the sun and nothing seems to work in your favour in fact, thing seem to go from bad to worse. And everything is weighing down on you… but I want to encourage someone today;

Life is crazy, and totally unpredictable…It’s going to push you over, kick you while you’re down
and hit you when you try to get back up. Not everything can beat you. Things are going to change you,
But you get to choose which ones you let change you.

Listen to your heart, Follow your dreams, and let no one tell you what you’re capable of. Push the limits, Bend the rules, and enjoy every minute of it. Laugh at everything, Live for as long as you can. Love all, but trust none.

Believe in yourself, and never lose faith in others Settle for nothing but only the best, and give 110% in everything you do.
Take risks, Live on the edge, yet stay safe, and cherish every moment of it. Life is a gift, appreciate all the rewards, and jump on every opportunity.

Not everyone’s going to love you but who needs them anyways.

Challenge everything, and fight for what you believe. Back down to nothing, but give in to the little things in life, After all, that is what makes you.

Forget the unnecessary, but remember everything, bring it with you everywhere you go. Learn something new, and appreciate criticism.

Hate nothing, but dislike what you want. Never forget where you came from, and always remember where you are going.
Live Life to its fullest, and have a reason for everything, Even if it’s totally insane. Find your purpose in life, and Live it!

LIVE! LOVE!LAUGH!FB_IMG_1431720585839




ImuffinWhweew.. So today is my birthday. Let those gifts come along in cash and kind. How old am I? Sweet sixteen forever!

Am all goose bumps about this day. It always freaks the hella outta me. You can’t blame. I have few good memories about this day in the past. And now its time to break that record. Ok am not here to narrate about the past. I want us to focus on the future. Here are a few things I learnt in my past year. This is my first year in my new status and boy it feels freaking amazing. Truly God has blessed me in ways I cannot fathom. New status comes with new responsibilities. You have to grow and think outside the box literally. Focus changes from what people think to what I think! You lose contact with the outside world and acquaint yourself with the new you. I will be frank with you; you lose friends along the way but the good thing is, you get a new best friend one who will never disappoint you, well unless you let  them do it. That person is you!

So this is what I got;


  1. Be Nice.

Being an asshole will get you nowhere. Before you engage in that cat fight, ask yourself; Is it worth it? What do I gain? Is this the best solution? Am I proud of myself? If the answers to that are negative then friend fold your claws and walk away. Being a bitch is nasty. Smile. Be Grateful. Be humble. When we are connected to others we become better people.


  1. Embrace yourself.

What are your dreams? What occupies your mind? You are what you think! Have positive thoughts. Look for the light at the end of the tunnel. Go out there live those dreams and make them happens. Ask questions. Don’t live in doubt. We had this teacher in high school who was used to tell us “assumption makes an a** out of you and me!” you don’t want to be an a**, do you?. The key question to keep asking is are you spending your time on the right things? Time is all you have and you may find one day you have less than you expect. Identify what makes you happy and go for it. You don’t want to live in regrets. YOLO!!


  1. You cannot change people.

If people choose to be nasty that’s their baggage. Do what you can which is only too much and let people be. I have learnt to accept people for who they are and this has given me so much peace. I wanted people to think and act like me. I tried to change people but it’s only that time that I realize that it is what it is, people are who they are and that’s it. I learnt to be more welcoming and just let people be who they are. Find the best in everybody. Just keep waiting no matter how long it takes. No one is all evil. Everyone has their good side and with patience it will come out.

  1. You are going to be criticized no matter what you do.

It’s human nature to find fault in others so just do your thing. Listen to all and sieve what suits you and discard the rest. You should appreciate the critics because it means you still have room for improvement and people can see it. When you are screwing up and nobody says anything to you anymore that means they have given up on you. You may not appreciate it but your critics are often the ones telling you they still care about you and want to make you better.

  1. Quit complaining

Complaining does not work as a strategy. No matter how bad things are, you can always make them worse with the wrong attitude. Many people want shortcuts. Cheap is expensive. The solution is simple; WORK HARD. We have a finite amount of time. Do away with self-pity. Live life fully. If you took a tenth of the energy used complaining and applied it to solving the problem, you will be amazed at how things can work out. We have only too much time and energy. Every second counts. Any time spent whining is unlikely to help us achieve our goals. Quit complaining and start looking for solutions.



Now keep those gifts coming.


Loads of love.


Snow white is no longer white, Cinderella is now in high heels and
sleeping beauty woke up. I don’t make sense right now but let’s take a walk
together and chat. There is a fairy tale fantasy that girls in their 20’s today
are living in. The idea that there is someone somewhere who wakes up very early
every day while they are still asleep and at the end of the month Mr. X owes them a
salary for being pretty, for being sexy, for looking good. While your mother is somewhere in a tiny village at the foot of mount Kenya, the shores of
Lake Victoria or the plains of the Rift Valley saying a prayer each day for
you after she invested in a good education for you, you are busy sending messages
to married men who for God knows what reason should pay your rent,
fund your weekend getaways with your girls, foot your shopping bills and fuel
that car which is not registered in your name.
My dear sister, as you indulge in deep slumber there is a woman Supreme Court judge who earned that position out of merit, so trust me sleeping beauty woke up. Those
men you hang out with every Friday are only with you because they don’t have to try so hard to get you to tag along. The women they worked hard to impress are treated to exquisite dinners at Sankara because darling you reflect what you attract. You are with him at that dingy joint on Moi Avenue because to him that’s what you deserve.
Are you still wondering why he treats his wife better? Are you wondering why you are an underground secret that cannot see light of day? Are you wondering why his escapades with you must be kept under the wraps and must take place at some secluded house he takes every cheap woman he picks
from the streets?
Why should we talk about equality when some of us sit in houses the whole day and keep up with the Kardashians? I am sure those American girls would be very grateful to know that you spend half your day’s life watching them live theirs. They earn a living from your laziness darling. Again those girls work extremely hard. Perhaps you could try keeping up with them by at least setting up a socks line of your own. Those that fought for gender equality wanted to raise a woman who could compete at the same level with the men.
They wanted girls to go to school so that they could unlock their full potential.
So that women could rise to positions such as senators, governors and even President without being told ‘’you got it because you are a woman’’ or ‘’you must have slept your way to the top.’’ They hoped to raise a woman who did not need a man to achieve small things like having her hair made.
They envisaged a society where a woman would be respected for what she brings to
the table and not merely because of her looks. They hoped for a woman who could bargain with her neck upwards. So my dear sisters when you sit and wait, wait for a man to finance your lifestyle simply because you can offer an already battered part of your female anatomy, you are an embarrassment to the spirit and legacy of women like the late Prof. Wangari Mathai and the rest who struggled to elevate the African
woman and indeed the entire human female species. If it’s 2 am and you happen to lose your shoe sweetheart you are not Cinderella, you are drunk! If it’s Monday morning and you are still in bed at 10am, you are lazy not sleeping beauty! As you approach 30 continue smoking sheesha, weed and everything else that your lungs can take then keep wishing for prince charming to come and kiss you out of imminent destruction and death. Let’s snap out of the dream my dear sisters and prove to our mothers that their efforts to create a better tomorrow for us was not in vain. The only way for women to prove to the world that there is more to them than trophies to be won for simple bodily gratifications is to change from within themselves.They must prove that they are worth all the opportunities that are being put for them.


Dance with me :)


I want to dance with the lady in red.


I want to see how she twists, turns. . .And feel the rhythm when she moves.
Maybe this alone will cure my two left feet.


I want to sit quietly when she speaks.
Watch her earrings nod, and her hands sway this way and that. Hear her voice rise and fall.
She must have something important to say.


Ha, I want to be playful!


. . . and serious 🙂 IMG_6119

I want to smile so effortlessly,
and warm the world with my eyes.

When we finally dance, nothing else will matter.

Her name is Jane Mwangi. Walking home from church, she was accosted by thugs who shot her at close range after she surrendered her phone and other valuables. 

The bullet went right through her chest touching her spine, making her unable to walk

With your help, Jane will walk again.

Here’s Jane telling…

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